wan·der·lust (noun):  a strong, innate desire to travel

lux (noun):  illumination


My fascination with travel eventually surpassed my (lovely and supportive) family and friends’ capacity to look interested. Having talked their ears off, I needed to either get out more or find a new outlet for discourse on my favorite subject.

So, here we are.

Everyone has his or her own travel style. I’ve done my share of roughing it, but I confess I much prefer to see the world in comfort (and when possible, in luxury). But I am Asian and think it inconceivable to pay retail – for anything, let alone for discretionary trips – so I found ways to travel well for a relative pittance.

For us travel junkies who constantly look for deals, strategically plan trips to maximize value, and diligently collect frequent flyer miles and hotel points, the hobby allows us to sustain traveling in the manner to which we’ve become accustomed. To stay in nice hotels and fly in premium cabins for less than others pay for hostels and economy seats. I learn from these fellow enthusiasts every day, but at this point hopefully I’ve collected enough wisdom to have a few useful tips of my own.

I do my best to share what I’ve learned here, but if you ever have questions, ideas, or thoughts please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!