July 3 2015

Free Drink, Two Amazon Offers, Triple Hilton HHonors Points, and Complimentary Museum Admission

Finally! Friday is here! Happy Independence Day weekend, everyone.

If you’re flying Southwest tomorrow, enjoy a free cocktail on board.

Southwest Free Drink

The airline extends this offer on various holidays but doesn’t advertise it much, so you’ll likely have to speak up and ask for your free drink.

But at least you can’t complain about the price. 🙂

Triple Hilton HHonors points

Hilton is offering triple HHonors points at participating properties in the Americas through January 30, 2016.

Be sure to read the terms. Also note you must book the triple points rate (see example below) and the stay must be at least two nights.

Hilton 3x Rate

$15 off $50+ on Amazon when paying with American Express Membership Rewards points

This is a nice offer, but it’s targeted and requires having an American Express card that earns Membership Rewards points.

Receive $15 off a $50+ purchase when you use Membership Rewards points to pay.

Amazon MR promo

If targeted, you’ll see a banner at checkout. Click on the “learn more” button then find the box to link your Amex card. It looks like this:

Amazon MR instructions

After following the prompts to link your card, you’ll see the option to pay for your order by redeeming Membership Rewards points.

Here’s the catch: the redemption rate is 1.43 points to 1 cent. That’s a terrible conversion rate.

I value a Membership Rewards point at 1.7 cents, yet this offer only yields about 0.7 cents of value.

So the trick is to redeem just one point on your order (which is all it takes to qualify for the $15 off). The remaining balance is billed to your Amex card.

Payment screen redacted

Don’t forget to use promo code SWP07AXP15.

Note there are also offers for Chase and Discover cardholders. I wasn’t targeted for those, but if interested keep an eye out when logged in to your Amazon account.

Bonus Amazon tip

If you’re a Prime member but have yet to use the Subscribe & Save service, Amazon is offering $10 Subscribe & Save credit with promo code TRYSNS10.

Offer ends July 31, 2015.

Free museum admission

Finally, don’t forget this weekend Bank of America and Merrill Lynch cardholders receive free admission to over 150 museums, science centers, and botanical gardens.

Enjoy the long weekend.

June 18 2015

Nice Hilton HHonors Promotion (But Short Fuse) – 5,000 Bonus Points for Any Stay

Evening, everyone.

This will be a short post but I thought it might be useful for those still making travel plans for 4th of July.

Hilton is offering 5,000 bonus points per stay at any hotel through July 6th. You must register prior to checkout (register here).

Though a short-lived offer, it’s a nice bonus rate – free nights start at 5,000 points so just from this promotion you’d earn enough for a free night.

Of course, those 5,000 point properties aren’t exactly the finest, but to evaluate this another way, I value a Hilton point at .4 cents so this works out to $20 in bonus points – not bad for a few seconds of your time to register.

Furthermore, the promotion stacks with Hilton’s current summer promotion, Double Your HHonors, so don’t neglect to register for that one as well.


Bonus deal

I previously wrote about one of the benefits of traveling with an external battery. If you could use one, Amazon currently has this 3000mAh external power bank for $5.99.

Power Bank

Note Amazon prices can change any time so double-check your cart before paying.

Have a great rest of the week. It’s almost Friday!

May 3 2015

Kroger Promotion on Gift Cards – Up to 30% Off

With Mother’s Day approaching, many retailers are offering nice promotions on gift cards.

For example, the Kroger grocery chain – which includes Ralphs, Fred Meyer, and Harris Teeter, among others – currently offers the following through May 10th:

  • $10 off two GAP, GAP Options, Banana Republic and/or Old Navy Gift Cards
  • $20 Dominos gift card for $16
  • $5 off two $25 or more Bath & Body Works gift cards ($50 for $45)
  • $5 off two $25 or more Applebee’s gift cards ($50 for $45)
  • $15 off two $25 or more Groupon gift cards ($50 for $35)
  • $5 off two $25 or more Michael’s gift cards ($50 for $45)
  • $5 off Yankee Candle gift cards
  • $5 off one $25 or more Fandango gift card
  • $10 off two $25 or more Payless gift cards ($50 for $40)
  • $5 off two Aeropostale gift cards
  • $10 off two Carnival gift cards
  • $10 off two $25 or more Spafinder gift cards ($50 for $40)
  • $5 off one $25 or more Skype gift card ($25 for $20)
  • $10 off two Jiffy Lube gift cards totaling $50 or more ($100 for $90)

Aside from the Gap/Banana Republic offer (which can be combined with store promotions like Gap’s current 35% off + free shipping), the 30% discount on Groupon is particularly appealing.

Here’s how to maximize it on travel…

Buy Groupon gift cards at 30% off

This offer is only available in-store, and you must first load the digital coupon to your store loyalty account.

But none of that is out of my way as I need groceries anyway and it only takes a few seconds to load the coupon to my account (I do so through the Ralphs app).

Ralphs Groupon

The result is $50 worth of gift cards for $35.

Plus, Kroger is currently offering double fuel points on purchases made on weekends. (You earn 10 cents off per gallon of fuel for every $50 spent on gift cards.)

Your fuel savings depends on how much gas you buy, but for simplicity let’s value the fuel points at $1.

Use the gift cards to buy Groupon products

Groupon has thousands of items, from merchandise to spa treatments to restaurants to travel.

I’ve scored some great deals over the years (but it does take some “vetting” as not all offers are great).

Let’s analyze a hotel offer.

Since the Kroger offer is limited to $50 in gift cards (per loyalty account), buying a product right at the $50 price point maximizes our savings (percentage-wise).

Take this Hampton Inn & Suites in Center, Texas – it has standard king rooms from $50/night (click on the image to enlarge):

Groupon Hampton Inn
Click to enlarge

The price includes breakfast and a $5 Starbucks gift card. For simplicity let’s value the Starbucks card at par.

Groupon itself already sells discounted products, so we are just layering on more savings with the Kroger promo.

Ultimately, our net cost is $29/night ($35 gift card cost minus $1 fuel savings minus $5 Starbucks perk).

Not bad for a stay at a reputable hotel (Hampton Inn is part of the Hilton chain). Check out Groupon’s travel offerings and see if you fancy anything.


  • Most Groupon travel offers are non-refundable, so be sure of your plans before buying. Many (but not all) merchandise deals have free returns, however.
  • If you don’t need anything from Groupon immediately, just buy the gift cards now to lock in those savings. To spend them, wait until Groupon offers a percent-off discount. (They recently offered 20% off all beauty and spa deals, for example.)

Finally, if you don’t already have a Groupon account, do a friend a favor and sign up through his or her referral link. Unfortunately you don’t get anything for it, but the friend gets $10 if you make a purchase. Feel free to use mine. 🙂

Wishing you, as always, safe travels.

(Source: this Slickdeals thread.)

March 13 2015

1,000 Free Hilton HHonors Points & Complimentary Uber Ride in a Rolls-Royce

Happy Pi Day! (I know it’s actually tomorrow.) I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start.

Here are some deals for your weekend fix. 🙂


Easy 1,000 Hilton HHonors points

Free points don’t get much easier than this.

Hilton will eventually require members of its loyalty program to change from using a 4-digit PIN to a password.

They’re offering 1,000 points to members who make the change before March 25.

HHonors Banner Detail
Click to enlarge

Reset or create a password by:

  • Visiting www.HHonors.com/Login with your current username or HHonors number and existing password/PIN.
  • On the left-hand side, under the My Profile section, click “Personal Information.”
  • If you have a password, select “Change Password;” if you do not have a password, select “create username and password.”

I’m not much of a Hilton person these days but I still have a moderate amount of points in my account, so I take advantage of random opportunities like this to generate activity that resets the expiration clock on my points.


Free Uber ride in a Rolls-Royce

This weekend Uber is offering free rides in a Rolls-Royce in Los Angeles and New York City.

Uber RollsRoyce

The deal is pretty simple (instructions are found in the links above) but the catch is that there is limited availability and the coverage area is quite narrow.

In NYC rides are only available in Manhattan below 59th Street, and in LA the coverage map is as follows:

Uber RollsRoyce LA

I happen to be in one of the coverage areas tonight and fired up my Uber app to take advantage of this offer. But, alas, no Rolls-Royces were available nearby. So they’re not kidding about the limited availability. Better luck to others!

If you’re not already on Uber feel free to use my referral link, which currently gives $20 off your first ride.


February 16 2015

Helicopter to the Airport for $99 & Many Other Deals

Happy Presidents Day!

The last few weeks were super busy (not in a bad way), resulting in abandoning the second half of my Birmingham trip to get home early. But with that behind us I’m paying attention to travel deals again.

One of the most interesting (to me) is the launch of Gotham Air.

Gotham Air

In partnership with a helicopter flight operator, Gotham Air provides helicopter rides from New York City to JFK and Newark Liberty airports. The ride is said to take six minutes.

Regular pricing is $199 to $219 depending on departure time, but currently promo code LAUNCH discounts the fare to $99.

That’s a great deal considering a taxi between the city and JFK can cost upwards of $50 and a decent car service can exceed $99.

And that doesn’t consider the time savings. A 6-minute helicopter ride vs. hour(s) in city traffic – not a tough choice. Heck, even full price doesn’t seem unreasonable given the time savings.

Gotham Air pricing

However, as with all newly-launched services there is the potential for “bugs” in the system. A few concerns came to mind based on either my own (limited) helicopter-riding experience or Gotham Air’s FAQs:

  • A flight is not guaranteed to depart unless four or more seats have been paid in full. So if using this service I’d suggest having a back-up plan.
  • Luggage is limited to one carry-on of up to 25 pounds. That’s a pretty onerous restriction even if you travel light. (The company says if you have more luggage they can “probably make special arrangements,” but does not say what cost/hassle such arrangements might incur.)
  • Unlike taking a taxi or car service, you need to get to the heliport to begin the journey. They currently operate from just one heliport – at Pier 6 – although two more will be added “soon.”
  • Helicopter rides are loud, cramped, and not always smooth (I personally get very motion-sick in them). Of course a 6-minute ride isn’t long, so I’m not saying this would be a horrible experience. Just suggesting it be viewed as a practical means of getting to the airport rather than an indulgent experience.

In any case, I would definitely consider this next time I’m in NYC. If you beat me to it, let me know how it goes!


Other deals


  • Hilton HHonors Dining: A signup bonus of up to 2,000 points. If you are unfamiliar with travel-provider-affiliated dining programs, see this post for tips. (Join by Mar. 31, 2015.)
  • La Quinta Inns & Suites: 300 points for watching a video. Don’t forget to click the “Get Your Points” button at the end to input your membership information for the points. [Thanks to InACents.]

Not travel-specific

  • Wilsons Leather: $10 off a purchase of $10+ with promo code 7785. I needed a new phone case and picked one up for a net cost of 49 cents. Although the code already gives free shipping, I used ShopRunner for free expedited shipping and free returns (though obviously I wouldn’t bother returning a 49-cent item). I did not see an expiration date to the promo code but since it is a Presidents Day offer I wouldn’t expect it to last beyond today.
  • Neiman Marcus: $50 off a purchase of $100+ when paying with Visa Checkout. Any credit card can be used with Visa Checkout. (Expires Feb. 17, 2015.)
  • Chick-fil-A: Free coffee (hot or iced) throughout February.
  • Free pedometer (for AAA members). Or just download a pedometer app for your phone. 🙂 (Valid until Mar. 31, 2015 or while supplies last.)

Enjoy the remaining weekend.

January 24 2015

Hilton $50 Statement Credit, Amazon Prime for $72, Virgin America Double Points, Travelocity $30 off $100

Greetings from Birmingham (England, not Alabama) where it is nice and sunny (albeit not warm).

Here are a few deals for your weekend enjoyment…


Hilton $50 Amex statement credit

By now you probably know about American Express Sync offers. Just wanted to point out a new one specific to travel: receive a $50 statement credit when you spend $250 or more with Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

Do note the terms specify this offer is valid only at Hilton Hotels & Resorts properties (not other Hilton brands such as Waldorf Astoria, Embassy Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, etc.).

However, there are older (but still valid) Amex offers for other brands – both Hilton and non-Hilton – such as Conrad Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree, Hyatt Place, and Waldorf Astoria. I try to maintain a current list of all Amex offers on the Other Deals page.

Since this is not a targeted offer, you can add it via Twitter with hashtag #AmexHilton if it is not available in your Amex account.

If you are unfamiliar with Amex Sync offers, my primer is here.


Amazon Prime for $72

Today (January 24) only, Amazon is offering Prime membership for $72. This is a rare offer for 27% off the normal $99 price.

Amazon Prime $72

Among other benefits, Prime members receive unlimited 2-day shipping with no minimum and instant streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Instant Video.

Do note the offer is good for new members only.

And don’t forget to check out the ongoing ShopRunner offer for free 2-day shipping to many other stores.


Travelocity mobile offers

Travelocity’s mobile offers for savings on hotels booked via the app are back.

Travelocity coupons

For $30 off $100+ use code MOBILEJAN30H. For $40 off $150+ use code MOBILEJAN40H.

Alternatively, you can save 15% off a hotel booking of $300+ with code JAN15NOW.

These expire at 11:59 PM Pacific tomorrow (January 25). They exclude “most national brand chain hotels,” but are nice discounts if you find a boutique property meeting your needs.


Double points on Virgin America flights

Through March 31, 2015, you can earn double points on Virgin America long-haul, medium-haul, or seasonal routes.

Virgin Am double points

Don’t forget to register first.

Enjoy the weekend!

December 30 2014

1,000 Bonus Hilton HHonors Points, $50 off $100+ at Bon-Ton, and More

Bon-Ton currently has several good discount codes. Even though I’m writing about luggage, these are site-wide discounts so they should work on other items (with some exclusions, as always).

  • Code ZDEC1229SAV takes $50 off a purchase of $100 or more. It was to expire yesterday (December 29) but is still working at the time I write this.
  • Alternatively, code AFTERXMAS14 takes 25% off sale items and expires January 1.

For free shipping and free returns, use ShopRunner. If you don’t have ShopRunner, use code FREESHIP for free shipping on $75+.

I was shopping for luggage, so here is my luggage find: 🙂

The Samsonite Fiero 20″ Spinner, originally $260, is $80 with the discount. That’s almost 70% off!

Samsonite Fiero

In other news…

I have a couple other deals to add to the permanent Deals Page but since I am writing I thought I’d mention them here as well.

Hilton HHonors is offering 1,000 bonus points for updating your email address by tomorrow (December 31). This is a targeted offer, but it doesn’t hurt to try (only takes a few seconds). I was not targeted and only got a nicely worded message saying they already had a valid email for me. Oh well.

Finally, Neiman Marcus Last Call is offering $25 off a $50+ purchase when you pay through Visa Checkout. (Any credit card can be used with Visa Checkout.) Again, use ShopRunner for free shipping and free returns, or use code FREESHIP for free shipping on $75+.


December 8 2014

New Deals Page

American Express usually ramps up its promotions during the holidays, and this year there is a boatload of Sync offers.

Going forward, rather than write periodic posts on the offers I will just add them to the newly-created Other Deals page for easy reference.

The page includes every Sync deal I am aware of, but let me highlight below the offers I consider most interesting.

(If you are unfamiliar with the Amex Sync campaign, my introductory post is here.)

Travel related offers:

The following offers are not travel-related per se, but still particularly appealing for reasons I explain below:

  • Best Buy – spend $250+ get $25 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014). Appealing because Best Buy sells cash equivalents in store (I can’t remember if they’re Visa or MasterCard gift cards, but either way it lets you basically buy money at a discount) and gift cards to other merchants. #AmexBestBuy
  • JCPenney – spend $50+ get $10 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014). Appealing because JCPenney sells gift cards to other merchants, including Amazon, in store. #AmexJCPenney
  • Newegg – spend $200+ get $25 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014), valid online only. Appealing because Newegg sells a wide selection of gift cards to other merchants (including airlines, cruise lines, restaurants, department stores, and movie theaters). #AmexNewegg
  • Office Depot OfficeMax – spend $50+ get $10 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014). Appealing because OfficeMax sells MC/Visa/Amex gift cards in store. (Office Depot also sells them but does not accept credit cards as payment.) #AmexOfficeDepot
  • Starbucks – spend $10+ get $5 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014), valid online only at store.starbucks.com but should work when reloading a Starbucks card. Appealing for obvious reasons. 🙂 #AmexStarbucks
  • Toys R Us – spend $25+ get $5 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014), valid in-store only. Appealing because Toys R Us carries gift cards to other merchants. #AmexToysRUs
  • Walmart – spend $15+ get $5 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014). Appealing because getting 33% off your grocery bill is otherwise rare. #AmexWalmart

Finally, here’s a random non-Amex offer that might interest some:

Bonefish Grill

Free dinner (up to $10) at Bonefish Grill. Expires December 30, but I have a feeling they may pull the deal sooner if it becomes “too popular.”

I will try to update both the Travel Deals Page and Other Deals Page frequently so be sure to drop by once in a while!


December 7 2014

Gift Ideas for Travelers

By this time of year I’m normally done holiday shopping. The last-minute mall rush is not my scene and I can do without that kind of stress. But, despite the best of intentions, I’m way behind this year.

If you’re still shopping as well, here are a few suggestions for the avid travelers on your list.


Scratch map


I gave one of these as a gift last year and it was a big hit.

This map has countries of the world outlined and covered in foil. You scratch off the foil (like a lottery ticket) for each country you’ve visited. Great way to keep track of where you’ve been – and motivate yourself to visit places you haven’t.

There is an original version and a deluxe edition.


Cork globe


In a similar vein, check out this cork globe. You can track your travels by pinning destinations to the globe.

For high rollers, you can commission a bespoke globe. (Warning: not cheap.)


Selfie stick

Selfie Stick

If you want to take a selfie without looking like you took a selfie, this selfie stick might help.

I think it’s a great idea but personally am not sure I could summon the courage to actually use it in public. If your recipient is the same way, maybe this is a gag gift?


Hanging toiletries case


Switching from a countertop case to a hanging one profoundly improved my travel efficiency.

When you have a case with a hook, you can hang it from just about anything in a hotel bathroom – towel rack, robe hook, even light fixture. You’re not limited by the amount of counter space in the hotel.

These days I don’t even have to pack my toiletries when I travel. At home I hang the case in the bathroom and it serves as my “medicine cabinet.” When it’s time to travel I just zip up and go. (It’s important to have a case that’s not only durable, but nice-looking enough that you’ll want to use it in your home.)

I use the Coach Getaway case pictured above. It is hard to find online these days (mine was a gift from a while ago), but here are some others:

Eddie Bauer Expedition
Tumi Journey Monaco
Ebags has a wide variety


  • Look for an open (not closed-loop) hook. There are more hanging options with an open hook.
  • Avoid leather as it’s heavy and less flexible, hence harder to pack.


Travel puzzle

Travel Puzzle

For the children on your list, here’s a travel puzzle.




Scottevest makes clothing designed for travelers, with features like removable sleeves and lots of pockets. (So many, the company calls them wearable carry-on bags.)

I have yet to try the products but know travelers who swear by them. So if anyone’s still wondering what to get me…I’m a size XS. 😉


Portable battery pack

Portable battery pack

Portable battery packs really come in handy when your cell phone runs out of juice in the middle of the day or you’re on a long flight and need to recharge a device.

But lately I’ve had another reason to carry one: new TSA requirements on electronic devices.


Foldable water bottle

Foldable Water Bottle

Foldable bottles consume less of your precious carry-on space when empty.

This VAPUR bottle has a 1-liter capacity. There’s also a smaller, half-liter version.
And Walmart is selling a 12-pack for under $12 (though I can’t vouch for quality on that one).


Waterproof shoes


Unless it’s a trip that requires dress shoes, I usually bring just two pairs of footwear when I travel: the pair on my feet plus a pair of flip flops.

So I need versatile, multi-functional shoes. My main pair is currently the Keen Clearwater but I’m eyeing the new Cypress (pictured above) for my next pair.

Here’s the men’s version.

I like my Keens because:

  • Since they’re waterproof I don’t need to bring another pair for water sports, and if I step in something nasty I simply hose it off.
  • They’re flexible enough for daylong walking but substantial enough for light hiking.
  • They have good toe protection.
  • There are no laces to tie and untie – easy on/off for going through airport security.
  • When it’s hot I can wear them alone like a sandal and when it’s cold I can wear socks with them. I know socks under sandals isn’t the best look, but it beats lugging another pair of shoes.

Also check out the Swims line of shoes. They’re waterproof as well, but the design is preppier. (You don’t want to look like you’re on safari when you’re walking in Paris.)


Hand wipes

Babyganics Hand Wipes

When traveling it’s not always easy to access soap and water so I carry lots of hand wipes (and go through them like water given my germophobia). It’s even more important during flu season.

Babyganics hand wipes are the only brand I’ve tried that seems to clean well without drying my hands, and the sheets feel more cloth-like than paper-like.

I much prefer wipes to hand sanitizer gels. With wipes, the dirt transfers from your hand to the wipe; with the gel there’s nowhere for the dirt to go – it just remains on your hand.


Soap sheets

Soap Sheets

Continuing our cleanliness theme, these soap sheets are great for travel. They’re thin and dry, but lather up in water – and are only $1.99 per 25-pack!


Destination candles

Destination Candle

Available in several varieties: Dublin, Santorini, Cairo, and Saigon.


TSA-friendly Swiss Army Knife


The Jetsetter knife has a screwdriver, bottle opener, scissors, tweezers, wire stripper, toothpick, and key ring.

What it does not have is a blade to set off airport security.


Hotel gift cards

Finally, there are several gift-card deals floating around that you might consider.

I’ll list the current ones I know of below, but also consult the Travel Deals page as that’s where I add new deals as they arise and remove old ones as they expire.

  • BedandBreakfast.com – Free $75 gift card with a purchase of $250+.
  • Conrad Hotels & Resorts – Receive a $75 American Express statement credit when you spend $400+; details in this post. To trigger the statement credit you need to go to a qualifying property and to buy a gift card there. Be sure to sync your card first (instructions here).
  • Marriott Hotels – Receive a $50 American Express statement credit when you spend $200+; details in this post. The same caveats as those mentioned in the Conrad deal above apply.
  • Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts – Receive a $100 American Express statement credit when you spend $500+; details in this post. The same caveats as those mentioned in the Conrad deal above apply.


Happy shopping!


November 8 2014

Updated Amex Sync Offers: Save at Marriott, Best Buy, Starbucks, and Many Others

Holiday shopping season is already upon us (I know…) and the American Express Sync offers are ramping up.

A full list of all offers I currently know of (with Twitter hashtags if available) is below, but here are some highlights:

  • Best Buy: Spend $250+ get $25 back. This deal is useful for more than just Best Buy merchandise because many stores carry (1) gift cards to other retailers, including Kindle gift cards which are valid on anything sold at Amazon, and (2) Visa gift cards, which means you can essentially buy money at a discount. Everyone should be able to double dip by having a My Best Buy loyalty account (signup is free) to earn rewards. If you’re a college student, potentially triple dip through their student deals program.
  • Walmart: Spend $15+ get $5 back. While $5 is not a life-changing amount, if you shop at Walmart anyway then why not take a couple of seconds to sync your card and get the savings. (I bought an e-gift card and my statement credit posted without incident.)
  • McDonald’s: Spend $5+ get $5 back. Basically a free $5, but this offer is targeted so there is no Twitter or Facebook enrollment.
  • Starbucks: Spend $10+ get $5 back. Although the offer is online only, there are reports that it works when reloading a Starbucks card online. To potentially double dip, check your email for a load offer. The (modest) one I received is pictured below; hopefully you received a better one!

SBUX LoadOffer

There are also some good travel-related offers including for Marriott Hotels, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, and Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts. See below for more on those.

If you’re unfamiliar with this program, here is my primer on Amex Sync deals.

Tips and reminders

  • These deals can usually be combined with store offers and coupons, so there are often ways to double (and even triple or quadruple) dip. Since this is sort of a sport for me, I have occasionally managed to quintuple dip.
  • Many offers are valid on gift card purchases. If you don’t need anything from the merchant during the promotion period, you can lock in the savings by purchasing a gift card for future use. Likewise, if it’s a restaurant and you don’t spend that much at one meal, purchase a gift card to use over multiple visits. (Some offers exclude gift cards, so be sure to check first.)
  • Many offers have limited enrollment, and popular ones fill up quickly, so register sooner rather than later for the deals you’re interested in.

As always, carefully read the terms & conditions on every deal you participate in.


  • Alexis Bittar – spend $300+ get $60 back (exp. Nov. 15, 2014), not valid online
  • Allen Edmonds – spend $200+ get $50 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014), #AmexAllenEdmonds
  • AllModern – spend $250+ get $50 back (exp. Nov. 20, 2014)
  • BCBG.com – spend $100+ get $20 back (exp. Nov. 30, 2014), valid online only, #AmexBCBG
  • BergdorfGoodman.com – get 2x Membership Rewards points (exp. Jul. 31, 2015), valid online only
  • Best Buy – spend $250+ get $25 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014), #AmexBestBuy
  • Birch Lane – $40 off a purchase of $200+ (exp. Nov. 24, 2014), use promo code AMEX40
  • Birthday Express – $10 off a purchase of $50+ (exp. Nov. 21, 2014), use promo code AMEXBDAY
  • Blue Nile – $30 off a purchase of $100+ (exp. Jan. 31, 2015), use promo code AMEX30
  • Brooklyn Industries – spend $100+ get $20 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014), #AmexBKIndustries
  • Brooks Brothers – spend $150+ get $30 back (exp. Nov. 21, 2014)
  • Bulgari – spend $500+ get $100 back (exp. Nov. 15, 2014), not valid online
  • Charles Tyrwhitt – spend $100+ get $30 back (exp. Nov. 9, 2014)
  • City Sports – spend $100+ get $20 back (exp. Nov. 30, 2014)
  • Comoncy Café – spend $15+ get $3 back (exp. Dec. 24, 2014), not valid online
  • The Company Store – spend $300+ get $100 back (exp. Nov. 10, 2014)
  • Conrad Hotels & Resorts – spend $400+ get $75 back (exp. Mar. 31, 2015), valid in the US only, #AmexConrad
  • Cusp.com – get 2x Membership Rewards points (exp. Jul. 31, 2015)
  • Dell.com – spend $1,000+ get $200 back (exp. Dec. 15, 2014), #AmexDell
  • FedEx – spend $10+ get $5 back (exp. Jan. 15, 2015)
  • FromYouFlowers.com – get $15 off a purchase of $24.99+ (exp. Nov. 30, 2014), use promo code AMEX
  • FragranceNet.com – get $10 off a purchase of $30+ (exp. Dec. 15, 2014), use promo code AMEX3
  • Gap Family of Brands – get 2x Membership Rewards points (exp. Jul. 31, 2015), valid online only at Gap.com, OldNavy.com, BananaRepublic.com, Piperlime.com, and Athleta.com
  • Godiva – spend $50+ get $10 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014), #AmexGodiva
  • Gray & Sons Watches & Jewelry – spend $1,500+ get $450 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014)
  • Harrys Shoes – spend $100+ get $20 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014)
  • Henri Bendel – spend $200+ get $50 back (exp. Dec. 1, 2014), #AmexHenriBendel
  • J Brand – spend $300+ get $60 back (exp. Nov. 14, 2014)
  • Juan Juan Salon – spend $100+ get $20 back (exp. Nov. 27, 2014), not valid online
  • Kipling – spend $150+ get $30 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014), #AmexKipling
  • LastCall.com – get 2x Membership Rewards points (exp. Jul. 31, 2015), not valid for in-store, outlet, or phone purchases
  • Macy’s – spend $100+ get $15 back (exp. Nov. 30, 2014)
  • Madewell – spend $125+ get $20 back (exp. Nov. 22, 2014), #AmexMadewell
  • Maison Birks – get 20% a purchase of $500+ (exp. Jan. 31, 2014), use promo code AMEX20
  • Mark and Graham – get 2x Membership Rewards points (exp. July 31, 2015)
  • Marriott Hotels – spend $200+ get $50 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014), valid in US & Puerto Rico only, #AmexMarriott
  • McDonald’s – spend $5+ get $5 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014)
  • NeimanMarcus.com – get 2x Membership Rewards points (exp. Jul. 31, 2015), not valid for in-store, outlet, or phone purchases
  • Paperless Post – spend $125+ get $25 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014)
  • Paul Smith – spend $250+ get $50 back (exp. Dec. 15, 2014), not valid online
  • Personal Creations – spend $49+ get $15 back (exp. Dec. 31, 2014)
  • Petco.com – spend $10+ get $5 back (exp. Nov. 30, 2014), valid online only, #AmexPetco
  • PotteryBarn.com – get 2x Membership Rewards points (exp. Jul. 31, 2015), also valid at PotteryBarnKids.com and PBteen.com; valid only online, by catalog, or by phone
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