July 8 2016

Random Collection of Deals

Hope everyone is well! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one’s perspective) work continues to get in the way of my free time so I have been neglecting the blog!

Anyway, a friend taking a quick trip – with flights already booked on miles – jokingly asked how to get the rest of the trip for free. So I promised to pass along a few deals. Since I was compiling it all anyway, figured I’d post it on my little corner of the Internet in case anyone else finds it useful. 🙂


Food offers

Uber Eats is offering $20 off your first order. Feel free to use my referral code eats-ubermywanderlux (enter it in the “Promotions” tab of the app).

LivingSocial Restaurants Plus is offering $20 off your first meal at a participating restaurant. You need to join, register a credit card, and pay for your meal with that credit card. You’ll then earn a statement credit equal to the meal price (up to $20). At this time they have restaurants in only a handful of areas, but they are major metropolitan areas.

Grubhub frequently offers $10 off your first order of $15+. You need one of the ever-changing promo codes, but if you sign up for their emails I’m sure they’ll come. Be on the lookout for the $10 code, not the inferior $7 code. I seem to get a code at least weekly (I give them my spam email account, of course). Alternatively, try one of the recent codes on RetailMeNot.

Travel Is Free has a handful of additional ideas here.


Transportation offers

Both Uber and Lyft are offering signup bonuses. I don’t think I actually know anyone under age 60 who doesn’t already have at least one of those accounts, but perhaps you only have one and not both? If so, sign up for the other and get a bonus from that.

Current offers are $20 off your first Uber ride and $50 in free Lyft credit. (The bonus amounts change fairly often, but these are current as of this writing.)


$80 off Airbnb

If you don’t already have an Airbnb account, sign up through a referral link to earn a $30 travel credit. So get a friend to refer you, or send me a note if you’d like me to send you a referral.

Airbnb is also offering $50 after completing a “business” stay. Doctor of Credit’s blog has details here.

Note that, since the latter credit isn’t earned until after your stay, combining these offers doesn’t get you $80 off one stay. It’s $30 off the first stay and $50 off a subsequent stay.

Have a great weekend!


October 4 2014

Travelocity $30-$40 Off, Earn Lyft Credit with TravelPony, and I Provoked Karma

Happy first weekend in October!

I am currently staying at a hotel, which will remain nameless, whose clientele I can only describe as – to be polite – trashy (for many reasons beyond the example below). How I ended up booking it is another story (let’s just say it was practically free after combining several promotions), but it seemed a solidly-ranked 3-star across several websites. I also read independent reviews and none raised red flags.

Apparently do-not-disturb signs are scarce here. But there was one in my room and I hung it outside my door when I arrived. Later I heard scratching on my door and someone mumbling something (probably an expletive). Of course I did not open the door.

That evening, when I left the room for dinner, my do-not-disturb sign was gone. After a quick glance, I saw it hanging on the room next door. (I know it was “my” sign due to a unique mark.)

Instead of calling housekeeping to request a sign, the neighbors apparently just helped themselves to mine – which I’d put there for a reason. Classy.

Now, I could’ve just taken it back. But I didn’t want to be spiteful, so I left it on their door.

However, when I came back from dinner I flipped it over to the other side – which says “early maid service please.”

Karma will probably bite me, but oh well. 🙂

Anyway, so as not to end on a rant, let me leave you with some travel deals for the weekend.


Travelocity mobile coupons

Travelocity is back with a couple of good discounts on hotels booked through the mobile app through tomorrow (October 5, 2014).

Travelocity mobile promos

Use code MOBILE30FALL for $30 off $100+ and MOBILE40FALL for $40 off $150+.

They often limit these discounts to first-time app bookings, but I did not see that requirement in the fine print this time. There are excluded properties though, so as always be sure to read the terms.


Lyft credit for stays booked through TravelPony

Speaking of apps, travel booking site TravelPony, which I recently wrote about, is out with one.

TravelPony & Lyft

They are offering Lyft credit when you book a qualifying hotel stay through the app. (Lyft is a competitor to Uber. If you’re unfamiliar, I describe the services here.)

Enjoy the remaining weekend.