June 4 2014

Quick Deal Notes: $49 Flights on Frontier, Free uberX Rides in Miami & Orlando

Happy Wednesday – we are “over the hump” toward another weekend!

A couple of deals to mention today…

Free uberX rides in Miami and Orlando

Car service Uber recently launched in Miami and Orlando and is offering free rides in those areas through June 20!


The offers:

If you’re not yet a member, use a signup offer for additional credit. Here are a few options:

  • Code “DELTA25” is rumored to give a $25 credit, although I have not seen that confirmed.
  • AmazonLocal occasionally offers free vouchers for $25 off your first ride. At this writing one is offered for the Chicago area (expires June 6). Other markets may be available too.
  • If you don’t want to gamble on the first option and the second option is unavailable, feel free to use my referral link for a $10 credit.
  • (Signup offers cannot be combined.)

If you’re unfamiliar with Uber, it’s a car service where you request a ride through their mobile app. I’ve been using the service for a while and just love it. Among the reasons:

  • No waiting in long taxi lines at airports. After hitting the “request a ride” button on my app, I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes for a car to arrive. The app tracks the car’s progress toward me and indicates the estimated wait time down to the minute.
  • No standing on the street trying to flag down a cab. I just wait comfortably in the hotel lobby until the car arrives.
  • The cars are clean (and not smelly) – more than I can say about most taxis I’ve been in.
  • No cash needed; payment is by credit card via the app.
  • uberX rates are generally comparable to taxi fares. Sometimes more (but well worth the small premium) and sometimes less. (Note that uberBLACK, which provides higher-end cars, is priced differently.)

And finally, but perhaps most importantly, I feel safer using Uber (or Lyft). Through hundreds (or maybe thousands) of cab rides over the years, I’ve occasionally pondered the possibility that if I were to hop into the “wrong” cab and a deranged cabbie decided to drive somewhere remote and kill me nobody might ever know. With Uber, a lot is electronically tracked – the driver’s identity, my pickup time and location, and even the route driven.

I am by no means suggesting that cabbies are bad people, but when it comes to rides from random strangers I would prefer to get into a tracked car over a random cab.

$49 flights on Frontier Airlines

Frontier is offering flights for $49 between select markets. (Link)

Frontier promo

Book by June 9 and fly by November 19, 2014. Not all dates are available at this price, but once you select a route a handy fare calendar should pop up.

Note that Frontier now charges a fee for carry-on bags (items fitting under the seat are still free).

Finally, don’t forget the Southwest sale, with fares from $45, continues through June 5.

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