November 4 2014

Free Trip Around the World…With a Big Catch

Back in May I wrote about a mistake fare to Europe and Asia. It was quite the deal, with fares from New York to Milan available for under $150 for example.

And despite being a pricing mistake the airlines honored the tickets.

It seems many got in on the deal, which was available for well over 24 hours (rare for mistake fares, which often die in a few hours if not minutes).

Among them is Toronto resident Jordan Axani, who booked tickets for himself and his then-girlfriend Elizabeth Gallagher. They intended to take a Christmas-time trip around the world, with destinations including Milan, Prague, Paris, Bangkok, and New Delhi.

Raj Ghat in Delhi

Well, the couple broke up. And the tickets are non-refundable.

So, instead of letting his ex’s ticket go to waste, Axani is giving it away for free.

The catch: the ticket can only be used by the person whose name is on it. So if your name is Elizabeth Gallagher…and you have a Canadian passport…and you have the flexibility to up and travel the world on fairly short notice…

…you can contact Mr. Axani through the email provided in his Reddit post.

(Personally I’d rather eat the few hundred bucks than travel around the world with a total stranger from the Internet. But that’s just me.)

P.S. People have asked why he doesn’t just change the name on the ticket and take a friend instead. While I know nothing about this particular case, I do know that most airlines charge a fee (roughly $200) to alter a ticket. This lengthy itinerary involved several airlines, and I bet the sum of the change fees would exceed the cost of the (very inexpensive mistake-fare) ticket.


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  1. By Tim on

    Yeah, quite a big catch! I went many of those places on the mistake fares myself (& am actually still traveling). Sure, he could eat the cost, but single travel gets lonely at times. Maybe he’s hoping things will work out with Elizabeth Gallagher #2. One heck of a first date!

    1. By Admin (Post author) on

      Yes, in a risk/reward analysis it seems he’s got more to gain than lose!


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