August 8 2014

Hotwire $20 off $100, Travelocity up to 30% Off, and Other Hotel Promos

Welcome to the weekend! I’m in the middle of planning a two-month trip and, as usual, trying not to spend money on it.

So far so good – booked a domestic flight for $3 in taxes (using 4,500 British Airways miles), an international flight for $6 in taxes (using 20,000 American miles), and a few hotel nights for $0 (with various points from my stash).

I’m sure I’ll have a full report once it’s all over, but for now much remains to be booked. Since my destinations have few chain hotels (at least in the programs I have points in), it’s hard to use points. And I don’t have enough points for 60 free nights anyway.

So I’ve been paying closer-than-usual attention to random offers. Thought I’d take this opportunity to share the good ones I’ve come across.


Lately Travelocity has offered compelling discounts when booking a hotel via mobile app. Today there are two:

  • $30 off $100+ with code MOBILE30GO. Book by August 10, complete travel by December 31, 2014.
  • $40 off $150+ with code MOBILE40GO. Same date restrictions.

Travelocity Mobile App Discounts (exp Aug 10)

Terms of each offer restrict the discount to your first app booking, so it seems you can only use one or the other. Sadly I’ve already used a mobile coupon (albeit when they were offering an even better $40 off $100+) so I can’t use these, but they are generous discounts if well used.

These coupons work on multi-night bookings, so if you find a property with a low nightly rate to start with the final price can be a steal. Like this example of a 3.5-star hotel for $27/night including taxes.

Other offers:

  • Use code HOTEL40 for $40 off $250+ (expires August 30, 2014). Just used this myself to book 6 nights in a 3-star property for $35/night before taxes. Not too shabby.
  • Use code SUMMER50 for $50 off $300+ (expires August 31, 2014).
  • Use code SUNNY15 for 15% off $200+ (expires August 10, 2014).

TIP: The latter offers don’t require booking through the app, but I have sometimes seen lower prices on the app (for the same exact room and dates).

There is a list of excluded hotels but I didn’t find it terribly long. However, I did have trouble with one of the codes until I saw the fine print exclude “pay later” rates (although “free cancellation” rates worked). If the checkout screen doesn’t display a box for a promotion code, likely it is because you selected a non-qualifying rate and/or property.


Hotwire is offering $20 off $100+. You must book by 11:59 PM today (August 8) and travel by August 29, 2014.

Hotwire $20 Off

I did not find a public link as the offer is “exclusively for subscribers,” so check your inbox for the email (mine came this morning). Or you can subscribe and see what happens. (The subscribe page also mentions getting $10 off for subscribing.)


Though I don’t see one this very minute, Orbitz regularly offers coupons ranging from 10% to 15% off (and occasionally offers much more) so just keep an eye out.

Meanwhile, you can play their Instant Vacation Gratification game with prizes ranging from gift cards to Orbucks credit to a trip to Cancun.

As with all deals, please pay attention to all T&Cs.

Have a great weekend.

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