January 1 2015

How to Get Free ShopRunner Shipping (Forever?)

Happy New Year!

Occasionally I write about random, non-travel deals if they’re really interesting. Other times I’ll just quietly add them to the Deals Page for your perusal.

But sometimes shipping fees can “kill” an otherwise great deal.…unless you have ShopRunner.

ShopRunner is similar to Amazon Prime – except it works with many stores.

For an annual membership fee, you receive unlimited free 2-day shipping with no minimum order size and free return shipping.

When I first got ShopRunner (years ago, for free) the list of participating stores wasn’t that long – maybe 20 or so. But over time they’ve added many more and now have over 80 stores. More importantly, many are stores real people actually shop at.

You can view the full list of participating stores here.

Some of these stores offer free shipping intermittently (with the occasional promo code) or regularly (with a minimum order amount). But with ShopRunner I can get free shipping any time. Not only that, it is expedited (2-day) shipping and requires no minimum purchase amount. I have used it to ship, for example, just one tube of toothpaste.

It even beats Amazon Prime in that return shipping is also free.

The annual membership fee is $79. But you can get ShopRunner for free if you have an eligible American Express card.

ShopRunner Amex

I’ve never seen an expiration date to the free-ness of my account, so as far as I know it is good indefinitely. I have enjoyed ShopRunner benefits for years without paying a penny.


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