May 2 2014

Hyatt Triple Miles Promotion – Details & Analysis

While Hilton and Starwood announced summer promotions a week or so ago, we haven’t seen one from Hyatt…unless it’s this “mini-promotion” they announced recently.

While underwhelming, if you need to stay at a Hyatt anyway then it’s always better to earn some points than no points.

Hyatt promo header

The promotion

  • Promotion period is May 1 to August 31, 2014.
  • Earn triple miles (instead of normal Hyatt points) with one of eight airline partners.
  • Must register with your preferred airline partner. Here are the registration links: Air France, All Nippon, American, British Airways, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Lufthansa, and United.
  • Must designate the airline partner as your preferred way to earn awards in your Hyatt loyalty account.

The bonus doesn’t kick in until your second stay and is capped at 14,000 miles. Here’s an earnings chart:

Bonus chart

You can earn up to 21,500 miles in total (7,500 base + 14,000 bonus).


If you use this promotion, you’d earn miles instead of (not in addition to) points. If not, you’d earn the usual five Hyatt points per dollar spent. Unfortunately you’ll have to do some math to figure out which earning method works better for your travel plans.

Or, if you have better things to do than crunch numbers, these are my general suggestions:

  • If you’ll only have one stay during the promotion period and the stay is less than $106, choose the triple miles promotion. Otherwise, choose to earn the normal points.
  • If you’ll have two or more stays and the average stay is less than $319, choose triple miles. Otherwise, choose points.

This analysis assumes non-elite status and is based on my personal valuation of Hyatt points being worth 1.6 cents each and airline miles 1.7 cents each. (See this post if interested in how I value a hotel point; the explanation is halfway through the “Analysis” section.)

The key with this promotion is that bonus miles are awarded per stay, not per dollar. So with an inexpensive stay you come out ahead choosing the triple miles (because you earn a fixed number of miles regardless of amount spent). Conversely, an expensive stay is more rewarding if you choose to earn Hyatt points (because they’re awarded as a multiple of dollars spent).

And if you do participate, remember bonus miles don’t kick in until the second stay. Unless you’re quite sure you’ll have only one stay, I would register from the start so you can clear the non-bonused first stay hurdle right away.

For nerds like myself, the calculations behind my analysis are in the chart below. For normal folks, just ignore the chart and scroll down for double/triple dipping tips.

Breakeven chart(Blue numbers represent a breakeven point.)

Potential double or triple dips

Parting thoughts

I’m not sure if this is just a mini-promotion or Hyatt’s “real” summer promotion, but if you maximize it properly it’s not a bad promotion.

Nevertheless, like the Hilton and Starwood promotions, I’ll sign up and use it when optimal but it’s not enough to compel me to shift additional business to Hyatt.

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