December 20 2014

Man Finds Travel Companion with Same Name as His Ex for Round-the-World Trip

In case you wondered what became of this story, there is a recent development!

To recap: In May, a man named Jordan Axani booked plane tickets for a round-the-world trip with his then-girlfriend. The couple broke up before the trip came to fruition, but rather than let his ex’s ticket go to waste Axani decided to give it away for free.

The catch was that the name on the ticket couldn’t be changed, so he had to find a recipient with the same first and last name as his ex. He wrote a Reddit post – which has since been removed – titled “Are you named Elizabeth Gallagher (and Canadian)? Want a free plane ticket around the world?”

The post went viral and changed his life.

In the story’s main plot line, he did find a travel companion for the trip: a 23-year old Canadian student named Elizabeth Quinn Gallagher. The trip is scheduled to commence tomorrow and Axani promises to document it online.

While I’m glad the search worked out, I find the side stories more interesting than the main plot. My favorite is that Axani was so moved by the responses to his post – many of them with heartbreaking stories from strangers who longed to travel but couldn’t for one reason or another – that he founded the charity A Ticket Forward.

The organization’s mission is to “fulfill the travel dreams of…individuals who have been burdened with significant health, financial, or other tangible misfortunes.”

As a frequent traveler, sometimes I take travel for granted when in fact it is a privilege – for some a very rare privilege. I admire the charity’s cause and will be rooting for it to become, as Axani hopes, a Make-A-Wish Foundation for travel.

Meanwhile, Ms. Gallagher – the one going on the trip – asserts it will be platonic. In her words, she already has a “pretty serious” boyfriend; the trip is “totally sort of like as friends.”


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