July 12 2014

An Afternoon in Las Tacas, Chile

Las Tacas is a small resort town on the northern coast of Chile which I stumbled upon during a drive between Santiago and La Serena.

I had never heard of it, and even today as I Google its name relatively little comes up. There is no Wikipedia page and there are few English-language web pages (or even Chilean pages offering an English translation).

I am not sure if the place is obscure in general, or just obscure to foreign visitors. Perhaps the Chileans like having it to themselves?

Nonetheless, this town is super photogenic.

LasTacas pano

My photos were taken with a cheap camera and I present them un-retouched and unfiltered. All I did was crop them to fit the page.

There is a stunning white sand beach:

LasTacas white sand

The water is deep turquoise:

LasTacas turquoise water

The buildings, which I think of as a mix of Mediterranean and Southwestern architecture, are spotless:

LasTacas architecture

I doubt there is much in Las Tacas to occupy a long stay, and I can’t say it warrants a trip in and of itself. But if you find yourself driving along the coast of Chile, it is definitely worth a stop if for no other reason than to snap a few photos.

It would also make for an easy day trip from La Serena, which itself has good – but different and busier – beaches.

For me, it turned out to be a great place to have a nice meal with a fantastic view amid a long drive (Santiago and La Serena are about 480 km apart).

Some (local?) kids seemed to enjoy it too:

LasTacas kids in raft

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