May 1 2014

My Favorite Travel Photobombs

If I had time for another hobby it might well be photography. As that’s just plain unrealistic for now, I’m content to remember my travels with the help of a simple camera and my primitive photography skills.

Often my attempt at a clear picture is foiled by a car or a stranger coming into view. And yet, instead of ruining the shot, they make it better.

These are some of my favorite photobombed shots, where the “intruder” illuminates just how grand and immense the intended subject really is.

Find the bus in the foreground (and remember it’s in the foreground) to see how vast the Pyramids of Giza are:



The tip of Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro:



The base of the Eiffel Tower (not the whole base, just the center of it):



The Taj Mahal on a rather crowded day:



One corner of the Colosseum, also on a crowded day. It was wall-to-wall people that day, yet they appear as mere specks against the amphitheater:



Even with rudimentary photography skills, I guess after thousands of shots it’s possible to find a few memorable ones.

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