May 8 2014

England’s Future King Flies Coach…and Beggars Traveled by Private Jet

In case you missed this week’s big (in some circles) travel story, Prince William flew in economy class on an American Airlines flight Sunday.

Granted, it was a short 1.5-hour flight. I’m guessing his much-longer connecting flight to London was a little more… “comfortable.” But I’m just surprised the future king flies commercial in the first place.

What most amused me was how it contrasted with the story about the “big three” automaker CEOs. To refresh your memory, in 2008 the CEOs of Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors appeared before a panel of lawmakers and asked the government to bail out the struggling auto industry.

And how did they get to Washington, D.C. that day?

On private jets.

Okay, so it was during a recession. And the American auto industry is pretty important to our economy.

But shoot, if you’re coming to beg for money, at least don’t arrive on your private jet.

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