March 31 2014

Quick Travel Tip: When There’s No Soap Dish

I stayed at three different hotels in the past week and not one of them provided a soap dish for the sink. While a trifling matter in the grand scheme of things, I’m still perplexed when this happens.

Where do they expect guests to put the soap? Directly on a wet sink where it runs all over and never dries? Not to mention the bacteria pick-up in such a situation defeats the purpose of soap – a cleaning agent.

Thankfully all three rooms did have a coffee station such as this:

Coffee station

And each held a pair of coffee cups…with lids which can be improvised for a soap dish. Just invert a lid and place it on the sink’s edge with the spout positioned to drain down.

Soap dish

Hope this helps next time you encounter the same problem. (Obviously do not drink from the same lid afterwards!)

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