August 5 2014

Tip: Always Register for Miles & Points Promotions

There are tons of hotel points programs and airline miles programs. And they’re always running various promotions. OCD as I may be, I simply don’t have the time or mental bandwidth to keep track of them all.

So every time a new promotion comes out, I register for it even if I have no known plans to participate. It only takes a moment, so as soon as I see the email I just sign up. Then I can forget about it, and if travel plans crop up that fit the promotion I don’t miss out on the points or miles because I neglected to register.

And it’s always nice to get “surprise” points after the fact.

Blue Mosque
Inside the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Miles got me there for free!

A few months ago I mentioned a particular American Airlines promotion where you could earn about 1,000 miles for spending a few minutes on their website and potentially several thousand more bonus miles for flying. I registered myself and several other people (whose frequent flyer accounts I manage) and then just forgot about it.

Today I logged into one of those accounts and, lo and behold, it showed not only the 1,000 free miles, but 4,000 bonus miles attributed to the same promotion. Apparently my mom had a flight during the promotion period that I didn’t know about and it triggered bonus miles. I only manage her loyalty accounts; I don’t manage her travel plans (half the time I don’t even know where in the world she is on a particular day) so I always just sign her up for everything.

Moral of the story… always register when there’s no cost to do so. And don’t forget to check our permanent Travel Deals Page for promos you may have forgotten to register for.

Anyway, have a great rest of the day. Since that “where in the world” quip will probably earn me a you-should-call-your-parents-more-often lecture, my next task will be to make a pre-emptive phone call. 🙂

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