August 18 2014

Travel Wardrobe Planning with Instagram

I’ve been thinking about what clothes to pack for an upcoming trip to a new destination (I’m a girl, okay?).

I’m not a fashionista by any means, but I do try to “clean up” when I leave the house.

Practically speaking, I’d like to pack clothes appropriate to the weather I’ll encounter.

Culturally, I try to respect the local standards of attire. I’ll still stand out as an outsider (that’s unavoidable), but I figure the less I stick out the better – for safety and other reasons. That’s particularly true in certain parts of the world where immodest attire can lead to worse consequences than just unwanted stares.

Monaco Dress Code
What NOT to wear, according to this sign in Monaco

So…how to find up-to-date information on what people wear in a particular city?

I came across a genius suggestion on the TripAdvisor forum.

For real-time, on-the-ground “intell” on what people wear, someone suggested browsing Instagram under the hashtag for your destination.

For example, if traveling to Copenhagen, search the tag #copenhagen and you instantly get an up-to-the-minute feed of photos labeled as such.

Clever, no?

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