December 6 2014

TSA to Ban Carry-On Luggage During Holiday Travel Season?


With a couple of flights planned later this month, I’ve been watching this story with interest.

Earlier this week NPR reported officials were considering banning carry-on luggage on flights during the holidays. They had intelligence suggesting a “high-profile [terrorist] attack on five commercial flights sometime before Christmas” was being plotted.

Thus, counterterrorism officials discussed either (1) banning all carry-on baggage or (2) banning just electronic devices from the passenger cabin.

Officials need to do what they need to do. And if they can enumerate “five” flights pinned down to a timeframe between now and Christmas, that suggests to me what they know is pretty specific.

As a traveler I find neither ban palatable in the least. But if you need to get somewhere, and flying is the best (or the only practical) means of getting there, you just deal.

I also don’t see it going over well with the airlines. They would face not only potential lost business from travelers canceling discretionary trips but also the logistical burden of implementing such a substantial change on short notice.

Then on Thursday Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson gave a CNN interview where he said the government will “continue to evaluate” options but there is no carry-on luggage ban at this time. (Emphasis mine.)

Hoping for the best.

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  1. By Dana (Wanted Adventure) on

    Thanks for sharing this information. I’ve been tuned into other things lately, and this is the first time hearing about the possible ban. Will keep an eye on it! Thanks!

    1. By Admin (Post author) on

      Haven’t heard much more about it in the last couple of days so hopefully there will be no ban. No news is good news?


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