June 21 2014

Uber $30 Signup Bonus & Free Rides in Halifax, Saigon, Toledo, Lexington

Uber Saigon
The Saigon skyline. (Image courtesy of Uber.)

If you haven’t gotten on the Uber bandwagon, now is a great time.

Just this week Uber increased its signup bonus to $30 (from $10) off your first ride if you use a qualified referral link. While Uber’s bonuses occasionally change, sometimes without notice, $30 is currently the best offer I know of.

So find a friend with a working link, or feel free to use my referral link (thank you!).

Furthermore, when the company launches in a new market it sometimes offers free rides for a couple of weeks. Current offers include:

Be sure to use the appropriate promotion code specified for each offer.

If you’re not familiar with Uber…

The company has been in the news lately, and if its valuation of $17 billion (or $18 billion-plus, depending on who’s counting) is not enough to convince you, I’ll add my 2 cents below by (lazily) repeating part of an earlier post.

Uber is a car service where you request a ride through their mobile app. I’ve been using the service for a while and just love it. Among the reasons:

  • No waiting in long taxi lines at airports. After hitting the “request a ride” button on my app, I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes for a car to arrive. The app tracks the car’s progress toward me and indicates the estimated wait time down to the minute.
  • No standing on the street trying to flag down a cab – and risking being run over in the process. I just wait comfortably in the hotel lobby until the car arrives.
  • The cars are clean and not smelly. I cannot say the same of most taxis I’ve been in.
  • No cash needed; payment is by credit card via the app.
  • uberX rates are generally comparable to taxi fares. Sometimes more (but well worth the small premium) and sometimes less. (Note that uberBLACK, which provides higher-end cars, is priced differently.)

And finally, but perhaps most importantly, I feel safer using Uber (or Lyft). Through hundreds (or maybe thousands) of cab rides over the years, I’ve occasionally pondered the possibility that if I were to hop into the “wrong” cab and a deranged cabbie decided to drive somewhere remote and kill me nobody might ever know. With Uber, a lot is electronically tracked – the driver’s identity, my pickup time and location, and even the route driven.

I am by no means suggesting that cabbies are bad people, but when it comes to rides from random strangers I would prefer to get into a tracked car over a random cab.

Total tangent: Whether all this makes the company worth $18 billion, give or take, is another matter. Personally I think we’re in a Fed-enabled and artificially inflated stock market bubble that is leading to hyper valuations of a lot of companies, but that’s just another of my $0.02 (and certainly not to be taken as any kind of financial or investment advice either way).

But hey, if they’re offering free rides, enjoy ‘em. When something’s free, I don’t complain about the price. 🙂

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